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Anyone want a mini tournament?
As I now have 8 managers (if I include myself taking one of the vacant teams), is anyone interested in a mini tournament?
Not really interested but would go in it if you need to balance the numbers.

By the way my understanding of the caretakered teams before the crash is:

Deportivo_Dudley (won first division so would looking for a new caretaker anyway)
Crusaders_Albion (demoted to D2)
Selsey_Rovers (demoted to D2)
Greenville_FC  (demoted to D2)
Selhurst_Superstars (D2)
Copacabana_Beach_Boys (D2)
Ludlow_Dragons (D2)
New_Cross_Town (D2)
Frithwood_FC (D2)

I think the problems were starting to take a toll hence the desire to fix the site properly before starting a new season.
A few then.

One thing I have been wondering is what league structure. As much as I want to keep it the same, if there were 27 managers before the site crashed, is it worth running as 3 divisions of 8 or 2 of 12 (if managers return)?

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