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I'm going to assume that UCFL is no more... after such a long gap with no news or anything I doubt many managers will be returning Sad
Be a shame as lots if novel concepts in the game. Managers welcome to join if they want to keep getting involved in esms
A long gap doesn't have to mean the end. If there's the appetite, hopefully we can find a way, maybe in the new year.

Probably needs some thought as to what the whole league structure should be anyway. If i remember right, there were a lot of unmanaged teams.

Depends who can put the time into starting things back up again from the parts we do have i guess.....
Exactly Jon, I was going to say the same thing.

I've just 'joined' up to the forum today but previously I was checking every other day on here to see if there was any news, more over habit than expecting anything. It would be better if UCFL started back up next year rather than rushing about.

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